WeavePoint | Weaving software

Download problem solving

WeavePoint is a small niche program and it is, with it's various editions and demo versions, unknown to Windows and antivirus software. On this basis, the download may be blocked even if the file is fine.


Download blocked by antivirus software

If you have installed antivirus software, this may block the download. For how to open the downloaded WeavePoint installation file anyway, you can search for solutions on the web. Like, if you have Norton installed, you can search for "norton unblock download" or something similar.


Download blocked by Edge/SmartScreen

If using the Edge browser, your download may be blocked by SmartScreen (this may also apply to other browsers). The easiest solution is to temporarily turn off SmartScreen. You can do this in settings in Edge: Settings>Privacy and Services>Security: Turn off SmartScreen.

Alternatively, you can unblock the latest download:

1) Open Downloads in the browser and you will see a notice that the WeavePoint download was blocked.

2) Click the file name, then click the three dots to the right of the file name and click Keep

3) Click Show More

4) Click Keep Anyway

5) Click Open File

6) Click More Info

7) Click Run Anyway


Windows protected your PC

If you get the message "Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting", click More Info and then Run Anyway.


Allow this app from an unknown publisher...

If you get the message "Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher...", click Yes.